Hi i am 20yr old artist graphic pattern and character designer and illustrator trying to work part time pattern seller

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Animal, Tropical, Kidswear
Figure, Scarf, Abstract
Leaves, Fruits&Plants, Florals
Animal, Cartoon, Birds
Geometric, Florals, Lace
Solid, Cartoon, Kidswear
Geometric, Leaves, Camouflage
Cartoon, Abstract, Skins
Cartoon, Fruits&Plants, Florals
Animal, Kidswear, Birds
Animal, Graphic, Florals
Animal, Watercolor, Kidswear
Leaves, Fruits&Plants, Florals
Tie Dye, Cartoon, Menswear
Cartoon, Abstract, Menswear
Animal, Cartoon, Tropical
Cartoon, Hometextile, Tropical
Animal, Cartoon, Graphic
Cartoon, Tropical, Kidswear
Cartoon, Hometextile, Kidswear
Animal, Kidswear, Graphic
Animal, Kidswear, Graphic
Cartoon, Scarf, Graphic
Abstract, Fruits&Plants, Florals
Leaves, Paisleys, Graphic
Animal, Cartoon, Kidswear
Cartoon, Kidswear, Graphic
Leaves, Fruits&Plants, Florals
Leaves, Fruits&Plants, Florals
No Repeat, Graphic, Lace
Figure, Cartoon, Kidswear
Geometric, Cartoon, Kidswear
Leaves, Florals, Camouflage
Cartoon, Leaves, Florals
Leaves, Fruits&Plants, Florals
Leaves, Fruits&Plants, Florals
Animal, Camouflage, Birds
Animal, Tropical, Graphic
Geometric, Cartoon, Florals
Leaves, Graphic, Florals
Animal, Graphic, Black&White
Abstract, Stripes, Checks
Tie Dye, Fruits&Plants, Tropical
Leaves, Abstract, Graphic
Animal, Florals, Birds
Geometric, Animal, Leaves
Animal, Cartoon, Abstract
Leaves, Tropical, Florals

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